Why Your Cafeteria Tables Matter

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Why Your Cafeteria Tables Matter

Often overlooked, cafeteria tables play an important role in the overall aesthetic tone of the room.  Whether you’re looking to fill an elementary cafeteria or a high-end employee café, there is the perfect table for everyone.  However, before selecting the table, there are several factors to take into consideration.  At School Furnishings, we provide an array of furnishing options from the highest quality vendors.  Perfecting your space is our mission.


Folding Tables

A traditional choice, the rectangular table is the most commonly used table in cafeterias.  With single or bench seating, this style offers versatility as well as functionality.  Folding tables are ideal for multi-functioning spaces.  These tables not only store well but are easily moved from location to location.

Family Style Seating

We think about the dynamic of our table setting at home, why not carry that thought into the school cafeteria? Although family style may not be as popular as the bench style table, this type of seating can provide many benefits to the students.  For instance, an oval-shaped cafeteria table allows for better communication.  Providing the ability to seat 20% more students within the same space as a traditionally shaped table, an oval table aids in communication.  Facing one another, conversation with leaning over one another comes with ease and relaxation.

Further, these tables provide the same benefits as the traditional table when it comes to usability.  On wheels and easily folded, the oval cafeteria table stores easily.  Thus, cleaning floors and utilizing cafeteria space for other school activities can be done without the hassle of manipulating heavy, bulky furniture.

Contemporary Tables

Perhaps you are looking to design a modern space utilized by a smaller group of people.  If this is the case, considering a more contemporary style cafeteria table may better suit your needs.  With several options available in shapes and sizes, you can be sure your seating reflects your overall tone.  By further adding elements of color can help to accommodate the mood of the room.


If you’re in the market for new cafeteria tables or looking to redesign an existing space, contact the experts at School Furnishings.  Providing solutions for every industry, School Furnishings can help make your dream space come to life.  Visit them online today or contact them at (603) 882-9418.