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Active Design For Healthy At-Home Working Habits

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Active design is based upon principles that embrace full-body wellness while in the educational and work environments.

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cafeteria tables

Organizational Solutions for Your Correctional Facility

by School Furnishings |November 1, 2019 |0 Comments | Blogs, cafeteria tables, School Furnishings | , , ,

Consider meal time at a correctional facility, with cafeteria tables that are easily moved into prearranged groups; security officers are provided better means of control. Here at School Furnishings, we have the solutions your facility needs to provide the safest atmosphere possible.

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How Is Your School Furniture Holding Up?

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With grade schools back in session, any questionable school furniture has been put to the test. If you’re realizing that it may be time for an update, School Furnishings has all of the supplies you need.

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cafeteria tables

Why Your Cafeteria Tables Matter

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Cafeteria tables play an important role in the overall aesthetic tone of the room. Whether you’re looking to fill an elementary cafeteria or a high-end employee café, there is the perfect table for everyone and every setting.

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Cafeteria tables from School Furnishings

Wouldn’t a quieter cafeteria be nice?

by School Furnishings |February 16, 2015 |0 Comments | School Furnishings Blog |

Cafeteria tables from School FurnishingsLet’s face it, when you put a couple hundred children in a room, and it’s time to eat, things can get pretty noisy. Whether students are talking about what they’re going to do out on recess, or trading what’s on their lunch tray, there is a lot of commotion going on! With elliptical shaped cafeteria tables, from Mitchell Furniture Systems, principals have reported that their cafeterias are actually QUIETER because students can easily speak directly to anyone at the table. Speaking of space, the elliptical cafeteria tables have smaller footprints! In a 100’x100’ room, you can fit 110 elliptical café tables, whereas with 60” round tables, you can only fit 81 tables.

At School Furnishings, located in Nashua, NH, we supply the Mitchell ST-4872, an elliptical shaped cafeteria table, 48”x72” in size, with bench seating: it will seat 8-10 children. With sturdy construction, and built in the USA, this table is a quality product that will last for years to come. For added security, Mitchell tables are designed with automatic steel down locks, so when it is opened, it is secure. Equally important, they also incorporate the strongest up locks in the industry, so when being moved, the tables are as safe as possible. Custodians are quite happy with them also, as tables from Mitchell Furniture Systems utilize torsion bars and spring tubes, creating the best lift assists available, so that moving cafeteria tables is not such a chore! With rolled edges, and fully dressed end caps, these cafeteria tables are as safe as they are functional.

All of the tables offered by Mitchell are Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality certified, with ¾ particle board core tops, and Wilsonart® laminates for durability. Cafeteria tables endure a lot of punishment. Why not purchase the best quality available, so that your maintenance team isn’t repairing and replacing tables continuously? The Elliptically shaped ST-4872 cafeteria table, from Mitchell Furniture Systems is the answer to the question! Contact us at School Furnishings, in Nashua, NH to find out how you can have these cafeteria tables in your school! We can be reached at 603- 882-9418.