School Furniture Is Projected to Grow Dramatically Over the Upcoming Years

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School Furniture Is Projected to Grow Dramatically Over the Upcoming Years

According to a recent article by BusinessWire, the school furniture market in North America is estimated to grow by almost $229 million over the next four years! But what are the driving factors? While many would assume the current global pandemic is playing a role in the increase of demand, there is a more pressing factor driving the business – a demand for luxury and modular furniture that creates dynamic and collaborative classrooms.
So, how does one go about designing a solution that meets this need while keeping social distancing at the forefront? They design the Boodle.


“A solution that is suitable for student spacing AND group work.”


At media technologies, the design team has been hard at work creating a solution that every school is currently in search of – social spacing while still embracing collaborative learning. The Alba Student Desk is deceiving in its simplicity, while it addresses all of the concerns student administrators of all levels currently face.

The Alba Student Desk

A singular desk, the Alba Student Desk can be configured in several different shapes of varying sizes. This versatile design allows for individual student work as well as groups when needed or necessary. Although many of these shapes are familiar – the rectangle with radiused corners, the trapezoid, the BOODLE is not only fun to say, but it’s a spectacular introduction for today’s requirements.
Built with durability in mind, the Boodle delivers a quality performance while offering configurable designs for collaborative learning. While you may be wondering how this makes sense with social distancing, the desk also incorporates fitted bracket-mounted personal privacy/protective paneling. Light, tough, easily cleaned, mobile, and able to configure for both individual and collaborative learning methods, the Alba is here to stay.


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At School Furnishings, we’re proud to carry innovative solutions from brands like media technologies. If you’re tired of searching for school furniture that meets all current guidelines, yet remains affordable, it’s time to call our team.
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