School Chairs to Meet Students Needs

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School Chairs to Meet Students Needs

The main components of any successful learning environment are the school chairs and other furniture provided to the students.  Comfort and functionality are elements that should be considered when choosing classroom furniture.   Beyond comfort, ergonomics should be considered.  As a significant part of a student’s day is spent sitting, providing safe seating is essential to avoid health risks.  School Furnishings in Hudson, NH offers a wide selection of high-quality furniture from cafeteria tables to school chairs, below are a few of their preferred manufacturers.


Seating, Inc.

Capable, knowledgeable, family owned and operated since 1989, Seating, Inc. builds made to order quality seating.  Although geared towards commercial industries, their line of lounge seating is an excellent way for collaborative teaching methods to intertwine in the classroom.  Providing a wide range of options from stain-repelling fabric to ergonomic work stools, Seating, Inc. has seating for all age levels.

Their unique dock series provides stand-alone, connecting, and round seating to bring a modern look to your classroom.  Furthermore, they are customizable to ensure your desired environment is achieved.  The series also provides plug and connect features.  Students are equipped with power ports and USB plugs allowing the seating unit to function as an additional work space in the classroom.


Alumni Educational Solutions

From classic to folding, stylish to ergonomic, Alumni Educational Solutions empowers group settings with collaborative products to enhance seating arrangements and positions.  Their line of school chairs helps to achieve positive results by connecting the mind with the body.  Alumni strongly believes in following the path of research and proven concepts when developing classroom furniture solutions.  With a goal to create the absolute best opportunity for all students, Alumni is helping children succeed with their education.

Products such as the Explorer chair, have been developed for use in any learning environment.  Available in an array of colors, the Explorer provides a modern touch with a stackable easy to clean function.  The unique shape of the chair provides lumbar support with just enough flexibility to ease tensions from extended sitting times.


Whatever your classroom goals may be, School Furnishings can get you the best solution.  From classroom furniture to school chairs and cafeteria tables, School Furnishings works only with the highest quality vendors who keep students and your budget in mind.  Contact them today and be sure your classroom is providing the best environment possible to its students (888) 331-6270.