Organizational Solutions for Your Correctional Facility

cafeteria tables

Organizational Solutions for Your Correctional Facility

When it comes to furnishing a correctional facility, there are a few essential elements that need to be considered. For example, organization is one of the top aspects. Consider meal time at these facilities, with cafeteria tables that are easily moved into prearranged groups; security officers are provided better means of control. Here at School Furnishings, we have the solutions your facility needs to provide the safest atmosphere possible.


Cafeteria Tables

Potentially one of the most vulnerable times during the day; inmates gathering together for meals. This enables interactions that may otherwise best have been avoided. However, with the proper organization and preparation, meals can simply be another routine occurrence. One of the easiest ways to keep inmates in order during this time can lie within the seating arrangement. With assigned seating groups and cafeteria tables that allow enough space, inmates can be sectioned into groups to avoid any possible conflicts.

Further, with the new technologies available, clean-up has never been an easier task. Tables can fold and easily to be relocated to have access to the flooring. Not only is clean up a breeze, but you can have an open area for other uses.


Library Furniture

Another aspect that is often overlooked in correctional facilities are the spaces that allow inmates to flourish. With time on their hands, a facility typically provides different areas that enable residents a healthy solution. For example, a library is the perfect additional space. A library can allow an inmate the opportunity to earn their GED, research and learn more on a subject of interest, and better prepare themselves for a career in the future. However, having secure shelving and furniture layout within the room is imperative. Whether it’s two shelves or fifteen, School Furnishing has a variety of solutions for any size library area. Along with seating choices, your library can encourage learning with the secure furniture that is required by the facility guidelines.



Whether your facility requires new cafeteria tables or bunks, School Furnishings can help you find the solution you need. Contact us today at 603.882.9418 for more information.