Making a Media Center Comfortable

Making a Media Center Comfortable

The ways of the world are shifting. Long gone are the days of boring old libraries. Nowadays, it’s all about media centers. The two are essentially one in the same, but the increasing dependence on technology has altered how we access information. Yes, the Dewey Decimal System can locate that obscure text you need, but so can Google. Because the way we access information is changing, so should our library furniture. Here are a few tricks to making sure your media center is comfortable for your visitors.


Ergonomics is all the rage now. It’s the perfect mix between comfort and function. The seating is going to be the most direct way to offer comfort to your students and visitors using library furniture. There are plenty of options such as high top stools, rolling desk chairs, benches for group collaboration, and the good old-fashioned wooden chair with cushions. Consider the demographics of your media center users and tailor your choices to their specific needs.


Even though the majority of the work completed in your media center will be done online, physical organization is key. People go to media centers to study, which can be stressful enough. An unorganized and cluttered media center will only stress your users out more. Be sure to choose shelving and desks that gel well, and don’t overwhelm your students.


There’s a lot to be said about color psychology. Colors have a way of sending off vibes for people. Blue is associated with water and relaxation, while red is a stressor on many people’s psyche. Choose a color scheme that will keep your students awake but won’t get them too antsy. Yellows and greens are a perfect medium.

Quiet vs. Collaborative

Your media center should have different areas for different types of work. Some users will need absolute silence for concentration. On the other hand, group projects can’t be completed without the ability to talk and collaborate with your partners. Make sure both of these needs are met in different areas of the media center to ensure optimal comfort.

How you utilize and organize the library furniture in your media center will make a huge difference in how comfortable your users will be. Just because our access to information is becoming increasingly digital, doesn’t mean creature comforts are still relevant to how we learn. For more information on outfitting your media center, contact School Furnishings at 603-882-9418 or visit us online.