Learning Commons and Food Courts

Learning Commons and Food Courts

Learning Commons and Food Courts are gaining popularity in educational buildings across the country. The spaces include areas for collaborating, reading, working on projects, recharging people and electronic devises, and eating. These multi-functional spaces can be created within traditional libraries, near or in cafeterias, and in other spaces within a school.

The layout pictured is an example of the Diamond Café by Media Technologies: the furniture in the space can be used in a food court, a learning commons, a teaming room, or maker space. The design options are endless!


Included in this layout are:

Duo Cafe Counter seating
Duo Connector Stool seating
Duo Connector tables
Orbit tables
Push-Pop stools (yep, you’ll have to contact us about this one)
Full Time mobile round ottomans
Sisi fixed booth seating & rectangular tables (you’ll need to contact us about these two also)
Peadique café-height tables
Romak café-height stools

Contact School Furnishings, Inc. today to learn more about how to design your new space!


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