Lab Furniture for Educational Success

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Lab Furniture for Educational Success

Now that the little ones have graduated high school and are gearing up for the next level of their education, details that may not have once been a concern have now become top of mind.  For example, after the possibly hard decision of choosing a major, your child decided upon a focus in microbiology.  Thus, he or she will be spending a lot of their time within the laboratory environment.  Even though science was part of the core curriculum for the past twelve years, lab furniture and the accessories the space holds is now a focus.  Because the future is at hand, literally, every last detail in prospective colleges and universities now seem to be as large as Mount Everest. 

Here at School Furnishings, we pride ourselves in offering only the best laboratory solutions to educational providers across the board.  So whether you’re in search of lab furniture for your middle school students or your university Ph.D. students, we have the solutions you need.



One of the most significant pieces of lab furniture that will consume your space is the workstation. However, this is a broad category, and it typically customized to the needs of the laboratory.  For example, a middle school laboratory would be well-suited with lab styled tables, such as Academia Furniture Industries Harmony Series, Collaborative table.  Providing adjustable height limits, mobile capabilities, and a variety of surface and color options; students can easily be engaged in a collaborative learning environment.

However, SurfaceTech also provides a variety of options for a higher level of workspace.  Whether you’re looking for the collaborative encouragement or an adequate single person space, SurfaceTech is sure to have the solution you need.


Other Elements

Even though the workstation will be the eye-catcher in a laboratory, other elements should also be considered.  For instance, the seating should provide students an ergonomically and comfortable resource. Also, be on the lookout for the equipment that is provided to your student.  Items such as microscopes, tools, and other resources should be newer models ensuring your child receives the most up to date teaching methods available.



You’ve prepared your children for success in life, now let us prepare them for their educational success.  For more information on the lab furniture that can benefit your educational system’s needs and goals, contact the team at School Furnishings.  We not only provide superior customer service and satisfaction, but we also provide the solutions your students need.  Visit us online or give us a call today at (603) 882-9418.