How Is Your School Furniture Holding Up?

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How Is Your School Furniture Holding Up?

With grade schools back in session, any questionable school furniture has been put to the test. If you’re realizing that it may be time for an update, School Furnishings has all of the supplies you need. From art room furniture to cafeteria tables and school chairs, we have the latest offerings.



School Chairs

One of the most utilized pieces of school furniture within any educational space are the chairs. The average student spends six hours a day in the classroom. Thus, providing them an ergonomic solution is imperative for several reasons. Besides the apparent, school chairs can promote learning. By providing a comfortable environment with a strategically planned out seating arrangement, you can engage your students with minimal effort.


Art Room Furniture

Although it’s not the most used, it’s generally the most neglected. Art room furniture takes a beating. From paint to clay, these tables are intended for abuse. Thus, making them one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture. However, what many people don’t realize is that art rooms are equally as important as the primary classroom. By providing children the opportunity for creative expression in a welcoming atmosphere, you’re encouraging growth and impacting the level of learning.


Cafeteria Tables

Thinking back to your grade school days, cafeteria tables have always been pretty standard and cookie cutter. However, with the knowledge we have today, companies have come out with some pretty awesome cafeteria ideas. Inviting, ergonomic, and portability are just a few of the benefits. Click here to visit some of the newly designed furniture.


Whatever area of your school, we have the solution. School furniture for any setting is our specialty. Give our team a call today and start your school year off on the right foot. Contact us at 603.882.9418.