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Academia New Products 2015

by School Furnishings |June 17, 2015 |0 Comments | School Furnishings Blog |

Academia has a great reputation for delivering only quality furniture. While others get the job done quickly with spot welding, we focus on durability (even if it takes more time) by fully welding all of our items. Now, Academia Furniture expands yet again with fully welded tables. You can feel confident that this item too is way beyond the market standard.

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Brighten Your Brainstorm!

by School Furnishings |May 26, 2015 |0 Comments | School Furnishings Blog

Ghent Visual Communication products are 95% made in USA, and can help you with all of your whiteboard, bulletin board, mobile collaboration boards, display case, and signage needs.

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Furniture Shapes the Classroom Environment

by School Furnishings |May 1, 2015 |0 Comments | School Furnishings Blog

Though 2015 may not be quite the hologram and hover-board world that watching Back to the Future led us to expect, much has changed in just a few decades…

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“Hey. My eyes are up here!”

by School Furnishings |April 22, 2015 |0 Comments | School Furnishings Blog

Everybody knows that tables don’t really have eyes. But if they did, you can imagine being admonished just the same. You just can’t help it. It’s those legs! Each one is a supple 2″ x 3″ tapering down to a provocative 2″ x 2″ and capped off with a sassy finished steel boot. Yeah…and set at 45 degrees to the aprons…they kind of grab your attention.

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Jonti-Craft’s Newest Products

by School Furnishings |April 1, 2015 |0 Comments | School Furnishings Blog

Each month, Jonti-Craft works hard to release a new and exciting product for you. From technology focused products to book stands, we have designed a wide variety of new items for early learning. In case you missed a few over the past 6 months, here are some of the items we released: a light tablet, a tabletop charging station, an activity table with drawers, a mobile tall storage unit, a flat back pick-a-book, and a new mailbox organizer.

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Library furniture

Media Center Update 2015: It’s all about that space…

by School Furnishings |March 13, 2015 |0 Comments | School Furnishings Blog

Library furnitureMedia Centers, student commons, and libraries are transforming to meet the needs of teachers, students, and community groups as they change the way they gather, collaborate, teach, study, research, and learn.

Today’s media centers go beyond the traditional. In today’s spaces you can expect to see:

  • Collaborative lounge space, often with a café look and feel;
  • Display and “touchdown” areas;
  • Bookstack areas;
  • Computer lab zones with technology and mobility built in;
  • Classroom zones that can be reconfigured for multi-uses and users; and
  • Reading and quiet areas with a mixture of soft seating and movable tables and chairs—all equipped for powering today’s smart phones, laptops and devices.

1.REAGANHS_166School Furnishings, Inc. has been helping libraries outfit their spaces for over twenty years—it is one of our specialties. Listed are a select few of our manufacturing partners who have innovative furniture, seating, and shelving to outfit your new or renovated media center:

  1. Need a beautiful wood veneer reception desk, casework or library shelving? Tesco Industries produces semi-custom reception desks and shelving that can be wall mounted, mobile or in radius configurations.
  2. For unique library tables that can be mobile, and are available in a multitude of colors and finishes – with or without power options – we recommend looking at Tesco, Bretford, and Media Technologies.
  3. Looking for seating? Soft seating by Sterling Tree Studios or Jasper Chair or classroom style seating by Academia Furniture Industries or Artco-Bell may be just what your space needs.
  4. Hi top tables by Community, Tesco, and Media Technologies can outfit a café styled space within a media center for a stylish way to encourage collaboration.
  5. And for an individual, semi-private work space where students can read, write, use tablets and recharge devises, Academia produces the “THE ZONE’:Contact us today and let us help you design a space that will maximize learning, creativity and collaboration. School Furnishings, Inc. can help you design, select and specify furniture to outfit your new or renovated space: School Furnishings, Inc. 603-882-9481;



  • Academia Furniture Industries – Producer of unique collaborative furniture as well as traditional pieces: teacher collaboration desk units, student desks, student chairs, “THE ZONE”, computer tables.
  • Artco-Bell – Manufacturer of classroom furniture, computer desks, tables and chairs,
  • Bretford Manufacturing 21st Century Learning—Classroom and lounge furniture that reconfigure to create spaces that spark students interest and beyond.
  • Tesco Industries – Manufacturer of an extensive line of circulation desks, tables, shelving, display and computer furniture, for over sixty years.
  • Media Technologies – Library and classroom furniture for every zone in your media center.
Cafeteria tables from School Furnishings

Wouldn’t a quieter cafeteria be nice?

by School Furnishings |February 16, 2015 |0 Comments | School Furnishings Blog |

Cafeteria tables from School FurnishingsLet’s face it, when you put a couple hundred children in a room, and it’s time to eat, things can get pretty noisy. Whether students are talking about what they’re going to do out on recess, or trading what’s on their lunch tray, there is a lot of commotion going on! With elliptical shaped cafeteria tables, from Mitchell Furniture Systems, principals have reported that their cafeterias are actually QUIETER because students can easily speak directly to anyone at the table. Speaking of space, the elliptical cafeteria tables have smaller footprints! In a 100’x100’ room, you can fit 110 elliptical café tables, whereas with 60” round tables, you can only fit 81 tables.

At School Furnishings, located in Nashua, NH, we supply the Mitchell ST-4872, an elliptical shaped cafeteria table, 48”x72” in size, with bench seating: it will seat 8-10 children. With sturdy construction, and built in the USA, this table is a quality product that will last for years to come. For added security, Mitchell tables are designed with automatic steel down locks, so when it is opened, it is secure. Equally important, they also incorporate the strongest up locks in the industry, so when being moved, the tables are as safe as possible. Custodians are quite happy with them also, as tables from Mitchell Furniture Systems utilize torsion bars and spring tubes, creating the best lift assists available, so that moving cafeteria tables is not such a chore! With rolled edges, and fully dressed end caps, these cafeteria tables are as safe as they are functional.

All of the tables offered by Mitchell are Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality certified, with ¾ particle board core tops, and Wilsonart® laminates for durability. Cafeteria tables endure a lot of punishment. Why not purchase the best quality available, so that your maintenance team isn’t repairing and replacing tables continuously? The Elliptically shaped ST-4872 cafeteria table, from Mitchell Furniture Systems is the answer to the question! Contact us at School Furnishings, in Nashua, NH to find out how you can have these cafeteria tables in your school! We can be reached at 603- 882-9418.

School furniture

The school year has begun!

by School Furnishings |September 2, 2014 |0 Comments | School Furnishings Blog |

School furnitureWith the summer slowly drawing to a close, and the school year starting at many schools soon, many school departments are still purchasing school furniture for the upcoming year. This is definitely the busy time for us, and we understand that it can be very hectic for the school departments, who are trying to get everything in line for the new year.

Our advice to you is, don’t stress! Give us a call and a representative will gladly assist and guide you through the process while providing answers to all of your questions. School furniture is our specialty, and we strive to make this as easy a process as possible. Whether you are looking for cafeteria tables, lab benches for your science rooms, or just chairs and desks for your classrooms, we can make it happen at School Furnishings Inc.

School furniture has evolved over the years, and we strive to bring you the latest, greatest quality school furniture there is. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, these tables, desks and chairs will last for years. Also, we understand that if a comfortable environment isn’t provided, children are less apt to learn. That being the whole purpose of school, we strive to bring you the most comfortable products available for your students. At the same time, we will realize and understand the constraints of budgets in today’s day and age, and offer great values when it comes to school furniture. We are sure that you will be satisfied with structural integrity and pricing when you do business with School Furnishings Inc. If you have any questions about the purchase of new school furniture, or wish to speak with technical support about a particular product, give us a call at 603-882-9418 and someone will be glad to help you!

lab furniture

Outfitting classroom labs?

by School Furnishings |August 29, 2014 |0 Comments | School Furnishings Blog |

Lab furniture from School FurnishingsIf your school committee or planning board is in the process of redesigning or outfitting new classroom laboratories, one of the first calls you should make is to School Furnishings Inc.

School Furnishings Inc. is a supplier of high quality school furniture and supplies, including lab furniture, located in Nashua, New Hampshire. With over 21 years in the school furniture industry, we have built a great reputation on supplying many New England towns with great quality furniture at reasonable pricing. We are also known for the support after the sale, with a technical support team that can assist you with any concerns you may have after your purchase. We carry a vast array of seating, desks, laboratory stations, lockers, and office furniture. We work with many local school departments on the procurement of these supplies. Some of our lab furniture suppliers are:

  • Hann
  • Alumni Classroom Furniture
  • National Public Seating
  • Steven Industries

We supply only the highest quality lab furniture, which will last for decades. We are constantly searching for sources for the lab equipment that will complement your classroom at a price point that is acceptable. We provide sturdy workstations with multiple seating areas so that whether the student is working individually or in teams, they are comfortable. Our tables are chemical resistant, with a sturdy high quality laminate which will take years of use. Many of our manufacturers have taken the added step of producing their products with more environmentally friendly materials and are certified ‘green’ for the health and safety of our students, as well as the environment. So whether your school department is looking for tables and chairs, workstations, dollies, or other laboratory related furniture, give School Furnishings Inc. a call at 603-882-9418 and a representative will be glad to assist you with any questions or purchase!

Nate Series teacher's workstation classroom furniture from School Furnishings

Durable, stylish classroom furniture…Academia Furniture has it all!

by School Furnishings |June 6, 2014 |0 Comments | Classroom Furniture, School Furnishings Blog |

School Furnishings, Inc. constantly searches for the best products at competitive prices, manufactured by companies you can count on. A featured partner is Academia Furniture Industries, located in Wood Ridge, NJ. Academia’s well made products carry a 15 year warranty: proof that Academia products are made to last.

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