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What Types of Wood Are Used In School Furniture?

by School Furnishings |January 1, 2020 |0 Comments | Blogs, school furniture | , , , , , ,

We’ve all spent time within the educational system and the furniture it provides. But have you ever stopped to wonder what kind, and why the wood that was choosen was? Well, here’s a look at the two most popular types of wood used when making quality school furniture.

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cafeteria tables

Organizational Solutions for Your Correctional Facility

by School Furnishings |November 1, 2019 |0 Comments | Blogs, cafeteria tables, School Furnishings | , , ,

Consider meal time at a correctional facility, with cafeteria tables that are easily moved into prearranged groups; security officers are provided better means of control. Here at School Furnishings, we have the solutions your facility needs to provide the safest atmosphere possible.

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school furniture

How Is Your School Furniture Holding Up?

by School Furnishings |October 1, 2019 |0 Comments | Blogs, School Furnishings, school furniture | , , ,

With grade schools back in session, any questionable school furniture has been put to the test. If you’re realizing that it may be time for an update, School Furnishings has all of the supplies you need.

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library furniture

Creating Purpose in Your Library

by School Furnishings |September 1, 2019 |0 Comments | Blogs, library furniture, School Furnishings | , , , , ,

Library furniture should be carefully considered. As one of the most significant rooms in your school, the space should be welcoming, and encourage students to stay awhile. With fundamental pieces of furniture and design, you can achieve these goals with ease.

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lab furniture

Lab Furniture for Educational Success

by School Furnishings |August 1, 2019 |0 Comments | Blogs, classroom furniture, lab furniture, School Furnishings | , , , , , , ,

Even though science has been part of the core curriculum of the past twelve years, your college student is now bringing details to your attention that never were before. Lab furniture can be the make or break when it comes to a successful collaborative learning environment.

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art room furniture
cafeteria tables

Why Your Cafeteria Tables Matter

by School Furnishings |June 1, 2019 |0 Comments | Blogs, cafeteria tables, School Furnishings, School Furnishings Blog, school furniture | , , , , , , , ,

Cafeteria tables play an important role in the overall aesthetic tone of the room. Whether you’re looking to fill an elementary cafeteria or a high-end employee café, there is the perfect table for everyone and every setting.

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school chairs

School Chairs to Meet Students Needs

by School Furnishings |May 1, 2019 |0 Comments | Blogs, Blogs special, classroom chairs, Classroom Furniture, classroom furniture, school chairs, School Desks, School Furnishings, School Furnishings Blog, school furniture, school furniture NH | , , , , ,

The main components of any successful learning environment are the school chairs and other furniture provided to the students. As a significant part of a student’s day is spent sitting, providing safe seating is essential to avoid health risks.

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School Furnishings

Why Choosing the Right Library Furniture is Imperative

by School Furnishings |April 1, 2019 |0 Comments | library furniture, School Furnishings, school furniture | , ,

Like technology, the library is constantly evolving. There are many considerations when it comes to choosing the proper library furniture for your learning environment.

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Student Engagement is the Key to Success

by School Furnishings |December 17, 2018 |0 Comments | art classroom furniture, Blogs, Classroom Furniture, maker space, School Furnishings Blog | , ,

Simple decisions such as student surroundings and classroom furniture can engage a student in what they are learning in a way that they weren’t before.

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