Art Classroom Aesthetics

Art Classroom Aesthetics

Electives tend to fall into the foreground of education. With colleges and universities becoming more and more competitive, school districts across the country have been focusing on STEM and research-based majors in recent years. However, the best part of the American education system is that any skill set can succeed with the right support. Art is one of the oldest professions in the world and remains a way for students and creatives to express themselves to this day. Establishing a suitable art studio with functional art room furniture will the be the key to unleashing your students best work.


How the art room furniture is organized will speak volumes towards the works that are completed there. High top desks that seat multiple students are a classic method. It gives you a lot of wiggle room when walking around the class to gather supplies. One downside to this method is the sharing of workspace between artists. Still, it’s better to share a workspace than not have enough space to work.


The seats must pair easily with the desks. High top stools are a classic for art classrooms. Sometimes the classic choice is the best choice. With high top stools, you have the convenience of hiding them under the tables when they get in the way. Plus, stools can be moved and stacked easily. This comes in handy when you need students to gather around for a demonstration, or if you need to clear space on the floor.


Art classrooms come with a lot of storage needs. Easels, paints, clay, tarps, paper, and other supplies all need a designated space. Otherwise, your classroom will get messy and unorganized quickly. This can result in accidents and stress.

Display Areas

What is an art studio without a way to display the masterpieces created there? Cabinet doors and wall space are the easiest choices. They’re basically like free advertising. However, other forms of display areas are available. From shadow boxes to cork boards, display areas are a necessary part of art classrooms.

Make sure your art room furniture is set up to maximize efficiency and creativity. Choosing the right furniture is the first step. Contact School Furnishings at 603-882-9418 or visit us online!