Active Design For Healthy At-Home Working Habits

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Active Design For Healthy At-Home Working Habits

With the unprecedented time that we are living in, many of us are finding ourselves working from home. However, “working” encompasses a wide range of focus during these times. From attorneys to teachers, financial lenders to students, the term changes shape for each individual. Regardless of where you fit in, there is one common element tying many together. That element is a lack of movement.

Without thinking about the design of your work or school environment, you may not realize how office and classroom furniture can play an integral role, not only physical but mental wellness.



What is active design?

According to the experts at KI, “active design is a wellness strategy wherein the attributes of a physical environment promote movement.”

Active design is more than wellness; it is about designing space that creates inherent movement within any organization.

~ Jonathan Webb /VP Sales/Marketing KI



Principles of active design:


  • Daylight – Reducing artificial light and increasing natural light has proven health benefits.
  • Variety – Eliminate the need for traditional furniture by creating inviting spaces to get up and go while maintaining productivity
  • Personal Interaction – Spaces that encourage personal interaction over electronics also encourage movement and collaboration.
  • Encourage Movement – By creating alternative meeting and work areas, you’ll not only increase movement but creativity.
  • Design Multi-Use Spaces – Modern work and classroom furniture enable spaces to be used for a variety of tasks.
  • Height-Adjustable Worksurfaces – Gone are the days of sitting with adjustable worksurfaces that promote overall health and wellness.
  • Get Outdoors – There’s no better way to clear your head than some fresh air.



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When the elements of design are combined with the principles of active design, you’ll find yourself promoting better overall health for yourself if you’re stuck at home!


From taking your video meetings for a quick walk to setting up an outdoor work area, clear minds will open room for creativity. Try setting a timer to remind yourself, at least once an hour, to move. Whether it’s a quick walk or a relocation of workspace, change is a must.


For more information on how work and classroom furniture can enhance your environments, contact our team at School Furnishings.