Academia New Products 2015

School furniture

Academia New Products 2015

Academia Furniture industries classroom tables, student desks, student chairs, and teacher desks are available through:

School Furnishings, Inc.
Nashua, NH

Strong just became stronger.

Academia has a great reputation for delivering only quality furniture. While others get the job done quickly with spot welding, we focus on durability (even if it takes more time) by fully welding all of our items. Now, Academia Furniture expands yet again with fully welded tables. You can feel confident that this item too is way beyond the market standard.

Curious about how they look? Check them out below

Welded Tables

School furniture image005

Fully customize our tables to fit your needs! Need casters? That’s an option too!


It has just been 4 months into 2015 and look at all the items we’ve added to our catalog!

  • Bookcases
  • Mobile Easel
  • Lift Lid Student Desk
  • Custom High-Pressure Laminate Colors
  • Dry-erase Desktops for desks and tables

Contact School Furnishings, Inc. for more information!


Our Commitment:
The Perfect Order.
What we promised, when we promised, at a competitive price.

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